Packaging food sterilization equipment

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Packaging food sterilization equipment

After packing food sterilization in food raw materials, processed products as the object, through to the major cause of food spoilage - microbial sterilization and aseptic, reach the stabilization of food quality, effectively extend the shelf life of food, and thus reduce the harmful bacteria in food in the population, avoid the intake of living bacterium to cause human body (usually intestinal infection) or the food in advance toxin produced by bacteria that cause human poisoning.

The sterilization equipment for packaged food is made of high quality stainless steel, with water as the medium, which is divided into two parts: the bacteria tank and the cooling tank. The sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the requirements of material processing technology. The machine is stable, low noise, small scalability, not easy to deformation, easy to protect

The characteristics of packaging food sterilization equipment are as follows:

1, packaged food microwave sterilizer selective heating. Because water molecules absorb the microwave best, the part with high water content absorbs more microwave power than the part with low water content. This is the characteristic of selective heating, using this characteristic can achieve the purpose of uniform heating and uniform sterilization.

2. Energy saving and high efficiency. Microwave packaging food degerming machine is directly on the material, so there is no additional heat loss, the air in the furnace and the corresponding containers will not heat, so the thermal efficiency is very high, the production environment is also significantly improved, compared with far infrared heating can save 30% electricity.

3. Short time and high efficiency. Microwave heating sterilization is to make the heated object itself into the heating body, does not need heat conduction process. Microwave penetrates the object from all sides inside and outside at the same time makes the object achieves even heating sterilization in very short time, shortens the drying sterilization time greatly, thus can increase the output more.

4, easy to control, advanced technology. Compared with the conventional method, the food sterilization microwave equipment is on and off. No thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; Microwave power and transmission speed can be adjusted. Microwave drying sterilization, no waste water , waste gas, waste residue, is a safe and harmless high-tech.

5, food sterilization machine sterilization effect is good. Practice proves that the use of microwave sterilization is in commonly 70 ℃ can be completely kill e. coli, total number of bacteria in 80 ~ 90 ℃ is greatly reduced, only 2 ~ 8 minutes time . Fast speed, short time, so retain the nutrients in food, traditional flavor.

6. Extend the shelf life. The material treated by microwave sterilization can prolong the shelf life for half a year, which has remarkable effect on improving product quality and prolonging storage period.



Main technical parameters of packaging food sterilization equipment:

  The product name  Packaging food sterilization equipment
  The input power  Three-phase five-wire 380V 10% 50Hz 1%
  Microwave power    20kW (adjustable)
  Microwave frequency    2450MHz±50Hz
  Height of inlet and outlet   50mm
 Transmission band width 750mm
 Transmission speed 0~5m/min
Dimensions (length width height) 约12800×362×750mm
Microwave leakage Comply with GB 10436-1989 workplace microwave radiation health standards


In natural nutritious food processing process, to keep all kinds of nutrients are not destroyed, compared with the traditional technology, microwave food packaging sterilization equipment has the processing cycle is short, the products are of good quality, the advantages of low temperature sterilization, to nutrition, improve the efficiency, save electricity, has achieved obvious economic benefits and social benefits.

Microwave packaging food sterilization equipment USES microwave sterilization technology to sterilize these products, meet the production requirements, after the sterilization of packaging food mold, e. coli, pathogenic bacteria, etc. can meet the health standards microwave sterilization equipment is a kind of high efficiency , energy saving, stable, reliable, simple equipment, convenient operation and new technology.



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